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Top Reasons To Choose Healcon Practice For Your Clinic

Improved Patient Care

Software provides tools to help you concentrate more on what's more important ie patient care.

Reduce No Shows

Appointment reminders ensures that your patients never miss scheduled appointments.

Streamline Your Front Office

Healcon automates operational workflows of your clinic so that you can focus on patient care.

Go Paperless

Save paper , save money. Welcome to new age of paperless practice.

Cloud Based - Automatic Software Update

Given healcon is a cloud based software, you get automatic software updates for free.

Delight Your Patients

Your practice on the cloud leaves delightful experience of clinic visit which others clinic owners / software can only dream.

Industry Leading Security

Security is central to whatever we do and we are very highly committed to ensure your data is safe and highly secure.

HIPAA Compliant Data Center

Healcon's practice management software runs on data centers which are HIPAA compliant to provide extra security to your medical records.

Multi Geopgraphy Backup

We ensure that adequate backups of your data are kept at multiple geopgraphical locations to ensure your health records stay safe incase of any natural disaster.

A great way to seamlessly manage all aspects of your clinic.

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How Healcon Practice Management Software Seamlessly Integrates All Clinic Workflows ?

Appointment Scheduler

Schedule appointments, reschedule, send patients reminders, track missed appointments and much more in one interface.

Advanced Calendar

Advanced appointment calendar also provides a very useful feature of tracking missed/checkedin/upcoming appointments in realtime.

Automated Patient Reminder

Appointment reminders ensures that your patients never miss scheduled appointments.

Electronic Medical Records

Digitize electronic medical records of the patients and also manage interaction between clinic & patient at one central location like past appointments, treatments, bills, payments, prescriptions, medical documents, SMS/Email communication etc.

Treatment Plan & Scheduling

Add/Update medical history and all vital health stats of patient with single click. Create, Schedule & Track compleltion of treatments centrally.


At Healcon Labs we know doctors are short of time while attending their patients and hence we created a simple e-Prescription module in healcon practice management software to help doctors write digital prescrpition fast.

Medical Billing

Add/View bills & receipts from central billing module.Tightly integrated with treatments & appointments for seamless experience.

Clinic Staff Management

You can add/invite doctors, clinic admins, visiting doctors, receptionist, front desk etc centrally from this module and also control access level of all staff members centrally .

Financial Reporting & Analytics

Powerful analytics to help you analyze and improve your clinic performance. Financial reporting helps keeps earnings,expenses & profits and check.




Healcon's electronic medical records of patients helps you manage & track vitals stats of patients, treatment plans, medical documents, prescription, clinical notes, medical history and much more.

You can easily search medical records of patients by name or patient id . EMR module of healcon's practice management software is the most comprehensive and modern EMR you might find in the market today.

No more managing patient records on paper. Read more about healcon EMR > >

Medical Billing

Healcon comes with very powerful medical billing software module which will take care of all your needs. You can customize your treatment catalogue along with cost of service. You get facility to raise bill against treatments/services provided alogn with the ability to register full payment or partial payments. You can even customize your branding on bills and receipts.

You can easily track pending payments by date and send reminders to patients. Incase you run chain of multiple clinics then you can even centrally monitor all the bills and payments being generated in realtime by clinic. Read more about healon medical billing > >

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduler of healcon's practice management software is one of most sought after module. We provide advanced calander for all your daily scheduling needs. SMS/Email are seemlessly integrated with calendar to reduce no shows and ensure patients are reminded at right intervals about his appointments with clinic.

We enhanced our advanced appointment calendar to ensure most critical tasks can be done from calendar itelf like adding new appointment, adding new patient, re-scheduling appointment, checking doctor's availability , missed appointments for the day , patients in queue , patients engaged etc and much more. Read more about healcon appointment scheduling > >


Prescription writing is a breeze at healcon. You can customize fields of your prescription, add your clinic branding on prescription, share prscription with patients using sms/print/email , track all precscritions written in a day and much more.

Software also learns your mostly frequently used durgs,dosage,issues,symptoms,investigation, diagnosis etc to provie quick recommendations of same . All this makes writing and sharing e-Prescription on daily basis swift and easy. Read more about healcon e-Prescription > >

Medical Imaging

Medical images and diagnosis report can easily be uploaded on healcon tagged to patient. Once uploaded and tagged, its very easy to view or share report anywhere/anytime while on the move. Read more about healcon medical imaging > >

Enterprise Ready - Chain of Clinics / Central Admin

Healcon's practice management software is enterprise ready and easily scales from single clinic to hundereds of clinics which might be geographically located in one city or present in different countries. Admin module helps you keep track of managing staff, tracking all bills & payments centrally, monitoring earnings/expenses centrally, viewing all the appointments in a single calenar view and much more.

All in all we have all the tools to take care of requirements of chain of clinics of any size with ability to monitor them centrally. Read more about healcon enterprise features & central admin controls > >

Mobile App - Practice On The Move

Healcon also provides mobile app for iOS, Android & windows devices to ensure your are alway aware about your clinic while on the move.Mobile app provides 5x faster experience to take care of all critical requirements of your practice management. Read more about healcon mobile EMR > >

Practice On Cloud - Automated Version Upgrade / No Data Loss

Healcon's practice management software is a cloud based software which means that you will automatically get all the software upgrades for free. No more your need to worry about installation of data, software update or data corruption on your local computer because Healcon will take care of this automatically.

Since we keep backup of your data multiple times in a day at various geographical locations hence you dont need to worry about data loss when your computer stops working.

One more benefit of using Healcon's cloud based software is that all the work you do on any device automatically gets synced with other device so you can always switch between PC, tablet or mobile phone and still resume from where you last stopped at previous device. Alwasy stay in sync and seemlessly change device without any problem. Read more about healcon cloud software > >

HIPAA Compliant Data Centers

Healcon platform has created virtual private cloud on top of HIPAA compliant data center for complete safety of healthcare data.

Healcon's practice management software run on top of GCP ( Google Cloud Platform ) to provide you with world class safety, security and best in class latency around the globe. GCP is the same platform on which even Google runs it services so you can trust us to be running your virtual practice on top of infrastructure which is nothing but the best in the world.

Due to all this today our virtual private health cloud enables us to deliver services which are orders of magnitude faster and secure than competition.

Industry Leading Security

We take security of customer's data very seriously and hence all the data request between browser and healcon servers are encrypted using SHA-256 encryption so that your data is safe from 'man in the middle' attack. We use latest PCI compliant TLS 1.2 protocol for added security.

We also ensure that data is backed up multiple times in a day securely at multiple geographical locations so that in case of any natural disaster you dont loose data.

At Healcon we are highly commited that your clinic data is never ever shared with anyone and you remain sole owner of your data. Safety and security of your data is part of our DNA at Healcon.

Doctor's Testimonials

" I have tried a couple of other softwares.This in particular seems to be very user friendly.Today is the first day of my loging in to the Healcon network.Would definitely try it for a week and suggest to all my counterparts.Just one clarification.Do you'll have a separate tag for prescribing medicines,if so,Kindly let me know how to access it.Thanking you'll for the wonderful software.Wishing the Healcon Team a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year. "

Dr. Jagdeep Raju
" I was using another portal for online practice management. Then got news about 2 more similar portals... out of which one was Healcon. I did try both of them. Finally I will say that I am very much happy with this facility including its simple layout, quick response to query, possible interaction with other doctors, mobile application (which is under pipeline), etc.; and all these at a comparatively very economical rate. Definitely recommendable. All the best for future. "

Dr. Jwalin Parekh
" Very Much Thankful to Team Healcon. Healcon practice software has made my life easier with ability to be in touch with my patients at will . My patients appreciate this a lot . Would highly recommend to my fellow doctors. Its is also a very cost effective yet very prowerful tool for doctors. "

Dr. Shripad Mahamuni
" Thanks for the new useful features. I think it's time that HEALCON comes up with a mobile android app...so that instant addition of patient data and appointments could be done ,wherein images clicked from the cell phones could be directly uploaded .this will save a lot of time and major features could be accessed through the smart phone app than through the computer or laptops resp. "

Dr. Aparna Bandodkar
" It is an excellent software for doctors. I have been using it continuously for my practice. It is simple and very user friendly. I sincerely thank the creators for the software. "

Dr. Puneeth Hegde
" Hi Team Healcon, Thank you for making such helpful software for doctor serving in rural areas ... i bought sms credits ..as i am pediatrician i need vaccination reminder ..want to ask can we schcedule sms to deliver on particular day. thank you very much for creating such a seamless service .... "

Dr. Alpesh Doshi
" Absolutely user friendly great ! It tool me only couple of hours to get started without any need for training . I have been using healcon practice now for couple of years and it has been getting better every year. It has made managing my clinic a breeze and has considerably improved patient recall of my clinic..... very promising tool for doctors indeed . Thank you Healcon ! "

Dr. Venugopal Rao Tatikonda
" I was using another portal for online practice management. Then got news about 2 more similar portals... out of which one was Healcon. I did try both of them. Finally I will say that I am very much happy with this facility including its simple layout, quick response to query, possible interaction with other doctors, mobile application (which is under pipeline), etc.; and all these at a comparatively very economical rate. Definitely recommendable. All the best for future. "

Dr. Jwalin Parekh

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